The Telepresence Robot for remote monitoring and communications.
It drives on wheels and you can steer it from any place in the world.

Video surveillance without wires and sockets in the walls

Skype on wheels

BotEyes-Mini telepresence robot
(WiFi camera on wheels)


$ 999.00

Doc included
Two Week Money Back Guarantee

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BotEyes-Pad Telepresence Robot


$ 999.00

Sold without tablet
Doc included
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Free remote test drive

BotEyes-Mini robot well fit to any flat or house

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What is it For?

WiFi video surveillance on wheels has no dead zones

When you go out, do you ask your neigbors to look after the house? - You don't need to anymore! Take care of it by yourself, using the BotEyes telepresence robot that looks like remote controlled camera on the wheels

Are you sure that the iron is off?

Don't worry. Check it using BotEyes.

If you are travelling but need to be at work

If you already left, but you wish to see what is happening at work, you can do it using BotEyes.

Do you worry if the house is safe?

Is there something in the country house? Is everything safe? If you have received any SMS from your security system about being robbed, if the house is flooded, or if there is a fire, what would you do? You'd probably throw everything and rush... But what if it is a false alarm? Use the BotEyes-Mini telepresence robot to check what really happened.

Are you worried about the health of your elderly parents?

Imagine that your old grandmother suddenly stopped answering phone calls! - There is no need to be worried, it is better to first drive closer to her using a robot and talk about her health.

Are you looking for a babysitter?

You are cooking in the kitchen, and the baby is in the bedroom. Is the baby still there? Use your mobile, tablet or computer, but first, move the telepresence robot to place it next to the baby’s crib.

Are you afraid to leave the nanny alone with your baby?

You can control the actions of a nanny with BotEyes when she is alone with the child, even when he/she is in kindergarten.

What does your child do while you are at work?

The telepresence robot also allows you to monitor adolescents (do they do the lessons, or play on the computer?), when they are alone (like the baby monitor).

  Do you wish to chat with your active grandson who does not sit in one place?

Even if you are on the other side of the planet, this can easily be done using the telepresence robot.

How does it work?

The telepresence robot moves on wheels, which are controlled via the Internet, i.e. using a web browser. It contains a video surveillance camera that also has a microphone and speaker for sound communication. Unlike fixed webcams, you can use this to drive up from anywhere and view anything from close quarters. The telepresence robot is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries of large capacity, which is enough for 40 hours of operation. The battery can be charged using the charging dock on which you place the robot. All this can be done via the Internet. Thus, in whatever point of the planet you are, the telepresence robot is always ready for work.

Compared to fixed video surveillance systems, the telepresence robot has the following advantages:

- if you do need, to consider something closer, for example, if the door seems to be broken, then the telepresence robot can drive up close. A normal camcorder cannot;

- can use nay videocommunacation app like Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Imo, JusTalk, Tango, Line, OOVOO, FaceTime etc.

- to use the telepresence robot you do not need to lay power wires and hammer nails into the wall;

- if you use a camera to monitor children, animals or elderly relatives, the telepresence robot can drive up close to them to better hear or understand what they are saying, see their condition, and speak to them. A camera mounted on a wall cannot do this;

- if you use a camera to check whether the iron is turned off, the gas is not flowing, whether the water is flowing in the bathroom or the kitchen, then the telepresence robot can drive close to this and you will be able to see everything you want, in detail.

How to use the telepresence robot

The telepresence robot always stands on the charging station (docking station). This means that it is always connected to the Internet and ready for use from anywhere in the world. After connecting to the robot through the Internet, you can move it around the house.

If you are away from home (on a business trip, on vacation, at a party, at work), you can connect to the robot at any time using a computer, tablet or smartphone. These devices will allow you to see using the robot's eyes like your own, hear with its ears and even communicate like using a phone, with those who are next to the robot. Thus, you can see everything that happens in a place where you are not physically present.

Telepresence robot technical data:

- works using WiFi from anywhere in the world if there is WiFi;

- moving speed (smoothly controlled) 0...2.5 kmph (1.5 mph);

- operating time without recharging is 40 hours for BotEyes-Mini and 10 hours for BotEyes-Pad; when powered by a 110/220V network it works indefinitely;

- for telepresence robot control you can use your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, if it has Internet (or connecting it to a computer);

- slot for the flash card (for video recording) (for BotEyes-Mini);

- night vision up to 10 m (for BotEyes-Mini);

- overview: 120 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally; the ability to travel with control over the Internet to any place;

- P2P video communication channel, WCF control channel;

- operating temperature range from -10 to +60 deg. Celsius;

- wheight is 10 kg;

- height – 41.3 in.; width – 11.4 in.; length – 15.3 in.;

- video resolution 1280 x 720 (for BotEyes-Mini);

- built-in microphone and a speaker for two-way voice communication;

- operating system Windows 10 IoT Core;

- powered by built-in batteries. Charging from a separate docking station;

- package dimentions for delivery: 22x12x8.5 in;


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