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Why do we offer the buyer to choose a tablet, and not embed it in the robot?

- because the choice of a tablet depends on the purpose for which it is purchased.

If it is enough for you to view some landscape, the situation, the facial expressions of a person, without looking at small details, then it is enough to use an inexpensive tablet (see the table below). But, if you need to read the text written at school on the blackboard or on a sheet lying on the table, then you need an expensive tablet with a good camera and high processor speed.

The fact is that the maximum possible video resolution does not depend on the BotEyes software, but do depend on the following factors:

To give specific recommendations for choosing a tablet, we have compiled the following table:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7

("cheap tablet")

Lenovo Tab P11 TB-J606F

Apple iPad Air 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

("good tablet")

Screen size





Number of cores





Processor frequency

2 GHz

2/1.8 GHz

2.1/ 1.8 GHz

3.1/ 2.4/ 1.8 GHz


3 Gb

6 Gb


6 Gb

Front/Rear camera resolution

5/8 Mp

8/13 Mp

7/12 Mp

8/13 Mp






Max. image size without delay

960 х 720

1280 x 960

1920 x 1440

2560 x 1920

Max. response time to switching cameras or resolution

5 sec

3 sec

1 sec

1 sec

Autofocus setting time


a little better

not good*

even better

Approximate price






* - the autodocking feature, saving videos and photos and video scaling may not work properly with iPad. The other features work very good.

You can use any other tablets, but it is important to consider the following:

The tablet should not be discharged below 30% or overheated, because in both cases, the tablet protection system automatically lowers the processor clock frequency and thereby reduces the video resolution or increases the delay of its transmission.

If you want to use the robot outside of the WiFi range, then the tablet must have 4G/5G support. At the same time, it is necessary to turn on the WiFi access point in the tablet and connect the wheel part of the robot to it. Another option may be to use a separate 4G-WiFi modem.

Huawei tablets were very good, but please note that in their latest versions, instead of Android OS, Huawei OS is used, which does not have Google Chrome and access to the Play Market, from where you will need to download the BotEyesWiFi program necessary to connect the robot to a WiFi network.

Note that the sound is transmitted well when using tablets of any type.