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How to take and save video or picture from the tablet of the telepresence robot

The best way to catch that is to see this video:

As you can see, to take video from the remote robot camera, you need to first press the "Record" button and some time later "Stop record". After that, you can check if your record is good pressing the "Play" button. You can also save your record on the your computer hard disk pressing "Save" button.

You can also take picture from the robot screen and save it to disk. For this, you need to press circle button "Take Picture" (see the movie above) and "Save" button.

How to switch between front and rear cameras

To do that use the pictogramm in right-top corner of the page for robot control, see video below. The switching goes not too fast, you need to wait for about 1...5 sec., it depends on your tablet processor speed and RAM capacity.