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New user registration

We recommend to register new user and change the passwords only after you are sure that can use robot confidently.

New user registration can be done as follows. Click "Register" on the "Login" page. After that, the registration page will appear. Enter new (your own) login and password and BotEyes telepresence robot serial number. The serial number you can find in the robot passport and on the label in bottom side of the robot chassis. After that you need to press the "Submit" button. If the serial is wrong, you will see the error message.

We suggest to save the robot serial number from other people because anyone who knows this number can connect to your telepresence robot control site.

If you want to delete old account, enter website, then go to the "Login" page using "backward" arrow of web browser, press "Register" and after you will see "Register Page", press there "Delete" button.

When you re-enter the telepresence robot control site, you don't need to enter the serial number again because robot will remember it. It is enough to enter Login and Password.

While your first enter to this site, computer can ask the questions if you want to allow popup window in browser (you need to allow it for the telepresence robot control site).

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