Free remote test drive without registration. Press the button:

Robot  #1

Robot #2


To get started, currently*, you will need to have Skype installed. If needed, you can download it by clicking the following link: Skype.

Test Drive works for desktop Windows-based computers only!

1. Once you press the "Test Drive" button you will see a small browser window for controlling the BotEyes. After this, Skype program will be opened automatically.

2. The browser window that contains the driving controls must be displayed on top or next to your other windows.

3. Pressing the mouse button when the cursor is in the red section of the driving control window will make the robot move backwards. Pressing the mouse button when the cursor is in the green sector will make it go forward. To turn the robot, click within the yellow section. The further you click from the center of the driving control window, the faster the robot will go. The green arrows on the right side of the window allow you to control the tilt feature using the robot's camera (You can tilt up or down to see what is above and below).

4. Additionally, you can also control the robot by using the arrows on your keyboard. However, the driving control window will still need to be displayed on top of the other windows.

5. Do not move the robot before connecting to robot's Skype.

6. For more details (about keyboard control, tips and tricks), please see the User Manual page within the following link: Support.

* In the nearest future you will be able to use not only Skype, but WebRTC-based full robot control in one browser window too.