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All the questions you can address to RLDA by e-mail support@boteyes.com.

Our address is: RLDA, 8 Birzhevoy Spusk, 347900 Taganrog, Russia.
Phone: +7 863 447-70-40

About Us

BotEyes has been designed and produced by the RLDA, Ltd. company (Research Laboratory of Design Automation), RLDA brand is RealLab!. Official site is www.reallab.ru.

The company's goal has always been meeting the needs of society on the basis of the latest achievements of science and technology. The interests of buyers, we always put in the first place. Ensuring high quality products and customer service is our priority. The main products of the company are telepresence robots BotEyes, I/O modules RealLab!, programmable logic controllers, sensors with RS-485 interface, as well as process control system. Product catalog of more than 100 products with the term shipment of not more than 5 days.

Since January 2006, RLDA certified in accordance with requirements of International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001.

More information about the design team of the telepresence robot can be found in the page https://reallab.ru/About.