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We ship the BotEyes in the next countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and others for many years. The average delivery time is 3...5, sometimes 10 days.

You can buy BotEyes in several ways:

1. Buy from manufacturer using the 2Chekout.com payment platform

2Chekout.com is one of the largest and safest processing center in the World. All your data you enter on 2Chekout.com website and it inform us about payment event only.

To place an order, click the button below:

Buy using 2checkout.com

2. Using PayPal payment system

Buy using PayPal

For this, you need to send to sales@boteyes.com:

• Customer name

• Quantity of units ordered

• Mailing and shipping address

• Email address

• Phone number

We will send the PayPal invoice to you and contract for the robots shipment. After the payment is credited to the PayPal account we will ship the robots to you by UPS or DPD post in 3...10 days.

3. Buy on Robotshop.com

Buy on Robotshop.com

4. Buy on Amazon.com

Buy on amazon.com

Customer Service

If you have received the robot

After you have received the robot, what is the next? - See here.

If you encounter a problems

If you encounter some problems during the assembly or operation of the robot, please send us a question at support@boteyes.com. We answer any question as usual on the same day, so if you don't receive an answer, please, resend your email.

Standard Warranty

Warranty terms and conditions are described here.

Return Policy

Our return policy you can find here.

Refunds Policy

Refunds policy please see here.

The BotEyes Public Delivery Agreement

Other terms and conditions that can arise between customer and BotEyes team you can read here: Public Delivery Agreement.

Ask a Question

You can ask any question about our robot by sending email to support@boteyes.com.


We deliver robots to any country of the World using UPS or DPD post service. As usual, delivery time and handling take about 10 working days after the payment is successfully processed.

This includes order handling and customs clearance time (5 days) and post service shipment (5 days).

We supply robots in plywood boxes with dimention 29.5 x 15 x 13.8 inches (75 x 38x 35 cm), the parcel weight is 55 lb (25 kg), see picture below. Robot is placed there in a partially disassembled form. How to assembly robot you can see in Support page and in this video.

Telepresence robots post package