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How to buy telepresence robot BotEyes


We deliver robots to any country of the World using UPS post service. As usual, delivery time and handling take about 10 working days. 

Post service and handling cost is about $250, robot price you can see in this page.

To order BotEyes, write, please, e-mail in free form to sales@boteyes.com.


You can buy robot on Amazon.com too:

BotEyes-Pad: amazon.com.

BotEyes-Mini: amazon.com.


We supply robot in boxes with dimention 22 x 12 x 9 inches (56 x 31 x 22 cm), the parcel weight is 40 lb (18 kg), see picture below. Robot is placed there in a partially disassembled form. How to assembly robot you can see in Support page.

Telepresence robots post package   

Guarantee of Manufacturer

Manufacturer of robots (RLDA Ltd.) guarantees a free replacement or repair of defective parts for one year from the date of sale it, subject to the rules of operation. Fault diagnosis in some cases can be performed remotely by manufacturer via Internet.

The warranty does not cover rechargable batteries, which the consumer can replace yourself and third party products like Internet, Microsoft Windows and Skype.

We also guarantee free technical support of all the customers.