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BotEyes Telepresence Robot

Be in two places at once

Telepresence robot front view
Telepresence robot side view
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Docking station included




cheap tablet

Docking station included




good tablet

Docking station included

All shipments from warehouses in the USA (Pennsylvania) within 3 days.

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Telepresence Robot

For telecommuters, remote workers, and students. Most effective during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Telepresense Robot gives people a physical presence in the place where they can’t be in person. The Robot drives on wheels and you can control it from any place in the world using any gadget.

  • Any tablet, any OS, any client’s gadget or computer
  • Auto docking, auto answer, auto charging
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • 56 inches (142.5 cm) height
  • Tilt-abled at 340 degrees robot head
  • Front and Rear cameras switching
  • Digital zoom from 2 to 5
  • Screen Sharing property
  • Vertical or horizontal tablet position
  • Can take a video or photos
  • Safe-proof battery for 10+ hours of work
  • Overcomes door steps up to 0.6 inches (1.5 cm)
  • Never falls down
  • Foldable

See the full list of technical data in details by Features link.

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If your company has some offices in different cities or countries, use BotEyes  If your company has some offices in different cities or countries

Visit remote office using telepresence robots. You can drive across the office at any time from any place in the World and without the help of anyone. You can see and speak with anyone just like if you were there in person.

Show the customer your company remotely using telepresence robot  Show your company to the customer remotely

Your customer can examine your company remotely using telepresence system. The customer will be able to see your equipment, production capabilities, staff, cleanliness of rooms.

If you are traveling but need to be at work, use telepresence bot  If you are traveling but need to be at work

If you already left, but you wish to see what is happening at work, to manage of workforces from anywhere, you can do it using BotEyes robot.

Can't find a professional in your city?  Can't find a professional in your city?

Hire a remote worker and buy the BotEyes telepresence robot for him. The robot will become the avatar and the remote worker will not differ from those who are sitting in your office in person.

Remote Workers Monitoring with telepresence robot  Remote Workers Monitoring

If your workers are very far from you, you also can see what they are doing. You can see what he/she does, how he/she does it, discuss problems, and point out the mistakes.

Meeting in Remote Office with BotEyes  Meeting in Remote Office

You can participate in meeting independently on where you are. It doesn't matter if you're a manager or an employee. You can always sit at the conference table just like everyone else at the meeting.


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