Telepresence Robot for Remote Communications.
It drives on wheels and you can steer it from any place in the world.

The telepresence robot BotEyes-Pad

Telepresence Robot


$ 999.00

Sold without tablet
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Робот BotEyes-Pad Робот BotEyes-Pad

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What is it For?

If your company has some offices in different cities or countries

Visit remote office using telepresence robots. Save your time and money!

Show the customer your company remotely

Your customer can examine your company remotely using telepresence system. Save customers money.

If you are travelling but need to be at work

If you already left, but you wish to see what is happening at work, to manage of workforces from anyehere, you can do it using BotEyes.

Can't find a professional in your city?

Hire a remote worker and buy the BotEyes telepresence robot. The telepresence robot will become the avatar and the remote worker will not differ from those who are sitting in your office.

   Remote Workers Monitoring

If your workers are very far from you, you also can see what they are doing.

   Meeting in Remote Office

You can participate in meeting independently on where you are.


How does it work?

The telepresence robot has video camera, microphone, speaker and moves on wheels, which are controlled via the Internet, i.e. using a web browser. The robot is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries which is enough for 10 hours of operation. Try now how it works, only press the button "TestDrive" above. It is free and without registration!

Detailed description see here and in PDF format (1.8 Mb) here.


Free remote test drive without registration

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