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June, 1, 2023. New telepresence robot have been elaborated for students and videoconferencing. Its name is BotEyes-Tab, and "Tab" means that the robot is placed as usual on a table.

Jan., 5, 2023. We have made a new demo room for robots with the possibility of round-the-clock testing without registration.

Dec., 30, 2021. Now you can buy BotEyes in Robotiklab , UK.

Nov., 18, 2021. Our article "Telepresence Robots: An Ultimate Guide" has been published in Hackernoon.

Oct., 26, 2021. The "BotEyes" trademark is registered in the USA

U.S. Serial Number: 87779195.

Oct., 2, 2021. Our article in Hackernoon

Our article about zooming in WebRTC has been published in Hackernoon.

August 2, 2021. Screen sharing and video recording

We have added the two new features in the BotEyes. It is:

- Screen Sharing


- Video Recording.

July 21, 2021. New Zooming Feature in the BotEyes Telepresence Robot

Now you can zoom video using the same internet channel throughput. We do not use expensive external cameras with embedded zoom. It allows give customers the new feature without raising the price. See video here:

March 22, 2021. SOLIDWORKS have published our blog

SOLIDWORKS have published our blog about how we did the BotEyes Telepresence Robot.

March 20, 2021. We made the movie about BotEyes unique feature

You can see it in the page https://boteyes.com/Features.html.

March 15, 2021. We added noise reduction parameter in the Settings page

The noise from robot motors now can be suppressed using "Motor noise level during driving" parameter on the "Settings" page.

March 8, 2021. Now we do not suggest test drive without registration

The reason is too many gamers try to break down our office chairs and tablets with help of the telepresence robot at night when there are no people in the test drive room.

Jan 10, 2021. Dear customers, please, put the robot to the dock after testing!

Our website for robot testing works 24/7 without time schedule and maintainance. It is why we ask you to put the robot in the docking station after testing.

Thank you very much!

Now you can buy the BotEyes Telepresence Robot in the Robotshop.com

We announce our partnership with RobotShop, as a new distributor and selling platform for the BotEyes Telepresence Robots.

We've made some nice changes to the BotEyes features

Now BotEyes has this new features:

  • it has obstacle avoidance sensors;
  • it is much taller (56 inches);
  • has autodocking system (works from 1.0 meters distance between robot and docking station), based on image recognition techniques;
  • shakes his head much lesser;
  • package (parcel) is much stronger;
  • assembly after removing from the parcel is much easier than before, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1z9lfoGx0