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BotEyes photos in high resolution (84 Mb): BotEyesHR.zip

BotEyes photos in resolution for Internet (15 Mb): BotEyesSmallRes.zip

BotEyes - 21 photos in high resolution for animation (44 Mb): BotEyesHRAnimatin.zip

BotEyes video (44 Mb): FullBotEyesVideo.mp4

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BotEyes Telepresence Robot Showroom Available for Anyone Free and Without Registration

San Francisco, July 5, 2023 – BotEyes.com launched free testing drive opportunity for BotEyes telepresence robot in new demo-room. The room contains two telepresence robots BotEyes, a big screen explaining how to drive the robot and a mirror to see yourself remotely on the remote screen. The website doesn’t demand user registration. It is first time in telepresence industry when you can try test drive and excluding hunting for you as a potential customer.

The telepresence robot contains an ordinary tablet attached to a tall (56 inches) stick moving on wheels base. Robot moving may be controlled via internet. User can also tilt the tablet to 160 degrees up and down. So, the main difference from other video communication tools is possibility for free moving in the remote place.

Telepresence Robot Showroom
Telepresence Robot Showroom

For testing the robot, any user can enter the robot control website https://boteyes.com/ and press the button “Test Drive”. For this purpose, it can use any smartphone or computer with almost any web browser, like Google Chrome or Samsung Internet. This experience very similar to computer game, but it is not virtuality, it is reality! One of our users left the comment: “So awesome you provide this test drive! I thought it would just be Computer Graphics, but it's real! I'm amazed!”

As usual, we get feedbacks like “It's a fantastic tool!!”, “Very impressive. Thank you for the demonstration!”, “A successful test drive, great, thanks.”, “This is amazing I will be buying soon!!!”, “That's amazing feeling to control something distantly! It has a great potential for various applications, great product & solution!”, “Very good demonstration... Hopefully I got it docked again :-)”, “Fantastic”, “Very cool product!”, “Awesome!”, “Woah, you rock ppl!”, “Excellent. Very maneuverable.”, “It was really impressive.”, “Very cool. Easy to learn and control.”