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Baby monitor for children of any age

With the BotEyes-Mini baby monitor you can:

Watch the baby with telepresence robot Supervise a nanny  with telepresence robot Monitor the student with telepresence robot Attend school when you are sick  with telepresence robot

Watch the baby

Supervise a nanny

Monitor the student

Attend school when you are sick


What the "Baby Monitor" is?

The Baby Monitor is a device that allows you to monitor the child continuing the ordinary housework. The operating principle of the baby monitor is that every time you can see your child on the screen of smartphone, tablet, computer or TV and all that your child does when you are in another room, on the street, in work or even in another city. Video is transmitted over the Internet (using WiFi or "Mobile data"). For this purpose, WiFi should be available in the room where the child is.

Telepresence robot BotEyes-Mini

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Parents can use the baby monitor for the following purposes:

  monitoring the baby when you are watching TV or doing household chores in the other room;

  watching a nanny when she is alone with your baby: does your baby's nanny beat it, what does she teach him, whether she is engaged in a child or just watches TV, leaving him in another room. There are cases of brutal treatment of nannies with children, with beating up to death;

  observation of teenager who are alone at home: suddenly something happened to them, suddenly they play on the computer instead of doing lessons, suddenly the kid fell off his chair, broke his hand and there is no one to help him. Or maybe he decided to play with a lighter or a gas stove?

  if your child is sick and cannot attend school, take a robot instead of the child into the scool and your child will be able to listen to the teacher and actually attend the school without leaving home;

  if you have elderly parents who no longer get out of bed, you can use the BotEyes-Mini baby monitor to drive up to bed and ask about their health.


BotEyes-Mini Telepresence Robot for baby monitoring

Video: Cook in the kitchen and look at the baby, listen to the sounds in his room

Difference from other baby monitors:

  the baby monitor BotEyes-Mini is a robot, so its video camera can be controlled remotely (via the Internet), turning up and down and left and right, and even moving it around the room (the mobile robot platform is controlled via the Internet). This allows you to transfer the camera to the place where the child is, choose the best camera angle and view from close range everything that interests you;

  it is suitable not only for a baby observation, but also for children that run from one room to another and are suddenly keeping silence, finding a job (what kind?), as well as for schoolchildren and elderly parents. Thus, unlike ordinary baby monitors that lose usefulness after the baby starts walking, our baby monitor can be used throughout life: when children grow up, BotEyes-Mini becomes a security system and will perform many other useful functions in the house (please refer to this site menu);

  you can use any huge surveillance monitor, like smartphone, tablet, computer and even a TV;

  independence on distance: our baby monitor works using WiFi and Internet, i.e. the child can be observed from anywhere in the world, including if you are sitting in the courtyard, using smartphone. The distance or the thickness of the walls doesn’t matter at all, as in the well-known baby monitors that work through the radio channel (not the Internet);

  the baby monitor camera works 12 hours from one battery and there is the possibility of installing an additional battery for 24 hours of continuous operation. It can also works unlimitedly long from the 110/220V network;

  the camera does not need to be attached to the crib because the robot stands stably anywhere on the floor. You do not have to worry that the child reaches out to the camera and rips it as it can be in the case when the camera is fixed to the crib;

Like other baby monitors, BotEyes-Mini allows you to see in the dark, record video on a flash card, communicate with a baby by voice and hear sounds in his room.


Baby monitor technical data:

  works using WiFi from anywhere in the world where there is WiFi or GSM / 3G / 4G, etc. (using modem);

  operating time without recharging is 40 hours; when powered by a 110/220V network it works indefinitely;

  as a parent part you can use your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV, if it has Internet (or connecting it to a computer);

  slot for the flash card (for video recording);

  night vision up to 10 m;

  overview: 120 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally; the ability to travel with control over the Internet to any place;

  P2P video communication channel, WCF control channel;

  operating temperature range from -10 to +60 deg. Celsius;

  weight is 8 kg;

  height: 41.3 in.; width: 11.4 in.; length: 15.3 in.;

  photography, video recording to micro-SD flash card up to 64 GB (sold separately);

  video resolution 1280 x 720;

  H.264 protocol for video compression;

  built-in microphone and a speaker for two-way voice communication;

  operating system Windows 10 IoT Core;

  powered by built-in batteries. Charging from a separate docking station;

  package dimentions for delivery: 22x12x8.5 inch;


Video surveillance of a child with BotEyes-Mini Telepresence Robot Large wheels are needed to overcome the doorsteps by BotEyes telepresence robot Video surveillance of a child using BotEyes-Mini telepresence robot Did I forget to turn off the gas? - See using BotEyes telepresence robot

Video surveillance of a child

Large wheels are needed to overcome the doorsteps

Video surveillance of a child

"Did I forget to turn off the gas?"

BotEyes-Mini Telepresence robot in home room Video surveillance of a child with BotEyes-Mini telepresence robot I forgot to turn off the water... - see with BotEyes telepresence robot The iron seems to be turned off, but I do not remember exactly. See with BotEyes telepresence robot

Робот BotEyes-Mini in your home

Video surveillance of a child

I forgot to turn off the water...

"The iron seems to be turned off, but I do not remember exactly"