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Quick Start

Attention! This is a QUICK start. A detailed description can be found in the following chapters below.

1) Unbox and assemble the robot: Unboxing.html.

2) Press the big button on the robot cover to turn robot power On.

3) To use the robot, you need two gadgets (computers): one for robot “head” (BotEyes-Mini already contains camera instead of gadget) and other to control the robot remotely. You can use Android, iOS or Windows-based devices.

4) In the gadget for remote robot control you need to do the next:

WiFi connect application icon BotEyesWiFi application icon

BotEyes robot body label Robot label example, see the bottom of robot body

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BotEyes robot control circle Robot control circle

5) The next things you need to do in tablet for robot head:

6) Go again to your gadget for robot control:

7) If you have any problem, read, please, remain part of this User Manual or ask

8) To turn robot off, press big button on the robot cover and hold it pressed until the green led turns off. One minute late red led and robot turns off.

9) For BotEyes-Mini see instruction here: BotEyes-Mini difference

10) More detailed description of the steps above you can see in the next chapters of this website.

The detailed description see here