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1. Compatible browsers: Safari (for iOS); Chrome (the best), Samsung Internet, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Yandex (for Android and Windows).

2. Go to Login page, enter login and password sent to you by e-mail and press "Login" button.

After that, you will see the page for the robot control and maybe the message "browser needs permission to access your camera..." You need to press "Allow". In other case you will see the message "Failed to get access to local media...".

Press GREEN button to call the robot. If you don't see the video, reload page and press geen button again. if you still can't see the video, check the camera and permissions in the browser settings. After connection you can use circle in the right side of window for the robot moving control.

3. After testing, put the robot to the dock. For this, put the robot in front of the docking station for a distance of about one meter and press the second (from the left side) button that looks like a bed. The robot will go "to sleep" by himself. Don't go away from the robot control page until you will see "charging..." in the top side of the page.

See this video, how to control the robot:

4. Pressing the mouse button when the cursor is inside of the circle, driving control window will make the robot move forward. Pressing the mouse button when the cursor is in the top sector will make it go forward. To turn the robot, click within the left or right section. The further you click from the center of the driving control window, the faster the robot will go. The arrows on the right side of the circle allow you to control the tilt feature using the robot's camera (You can tilt up or down to see what is above and below).

5. Additionally, you can also control the robot by using the arrows on your keyboard.

6. For more details (about keyboard control, tips and tricks), please see the User Manual page within the following link: Support.

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